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Zitat: CopyFarLeft

Despite copyleft’s beneficial role in forming a valuable common stock of software, it remains problematic when the model is retrofitted back to the domains of art and culture from which dissent against intellectual property sprung. Cultural works, unlike software, are a consumer good, not a tool for use in production, or a producer’s good. […] Failure to understand the difference between capital demand and consumer demand propagates the myth that the success of free software can be a template for free culture. Under capitalism, only capital can be free. That’s why software can be free, but culture cannot be free without more fundamental shifts in society.
Art is not, in most cases, a common input to production as software is. Thus, the demand for itis consumer demand, not capital demand. […] Capitalist publishing firms and entertainment industry giants will support the creation of copyleft software in order to employ it in production. However, in most cases, they will not support the creation of copyleft art. Why would they, as art is a consumer good, and the industry is not in the business of giving away consumer goods for free. They are in the business, however, of earning profits by controlling the distribution of consumer goods. […]
In order for copyleft to mutate into a revolutionary instrument in the domain of cultural production, it must become ‘copy-far-left’. It must insist on workers’ ownership of the means of production. The works themselves must be a part of the common stock, and available for productive use by other commons-based producers. So long as authors reserve the right to make money with their works, and prevent other commons-based producers from doing so, their work cannot be considered to be in the commons at all and remains a private work. A copyfarleft license must not restrict commercial usage, but rather usage that is not based in the commons.”

Dmytri Kleiner: The Telekommunist Manifesto (2010), S. 40 ff.

Posted by GS, 19. Jan 2019
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