Yungchul Lee

Zitat: site specific

“In-situ work ethics: Place-oriented installation art is not a dumb signatory play of sensory and material elements, it is not a simple or complex, navel or intellectually wrapped box that is closed by design, but it is related to the contextual meaning in which it operates in its present form in everyday life.

Therefore, location-specific art was originally based on a sense of ethics, but now it can be controlled by moving the work to the place if the place is appropriate. Bill Viola’s video works vary depending on the location and purpose. People are addicted to the world of things that are already made and do not see the time of reality (creation).”

Posted by LJ, 19. Jan 2019
Orte In Situ Work Kritische Forschung K√ľnstlerische Forschung Ort Spezialit√§t Yungchul Lee