Zitat: Colonial notion of possession

With the data leak as a part of this counter narrative we want to activate the artefact, to inspire a critical re-assessent of today’s conditions and to overcome the colonial notion of possession in Germany.

(Al-Badri/Nelles 2015)

Quelle: Omnia sunt Communia: Das kulturelle Erbe hacken
Original und Kopie im ethnographischen Museum von Sophie Lembcke

In: Archive dekolonialisieren: Mediale und epistemische Transformationen in Kunst, Design und Film (Edition Kulturwissenschaft) von Eva Knopf (Herausgeber), Sophie Lembcke (Herausgeber), [transcript] Edition Kulturwissenschaft, 2018, S. 60

Posted by AS, 20. Jan 2019
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Zitat: alt.civil izations.faq: Cyberspace as the darker side of the West

“Beyond postmodernism’s subjugation of the realities, modes of knowing and actual being of Other cultures, the West urgently needs new spaces to conquer. The moon and the inner planets are ruled out for the time being given the cost of colonizing them. The outer space is a domain best left, for the time being, to Star Trek. For the conquest to continue unabated, new terrestrial territories have to be found; and where they don’t actually exist, they must be created. Enter, cyberspace.”



Posted by Santiago & Anisha, 19. Jan 2019
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