Destillat: An image is an idea

The photographic medium has been changing at an unprecedented pace in the last decades. As Robert Shore mentioned in the book “ Post-Photography”, being at the right place at the right time, in the tradition of Cartier-Bresson’s decisive moment, is no longer the challenge, a picture is just a platform, the starting point (or end point) of a lengthy process, taking photography to places it has never been before.

We have to learn how to look at photographs as social and cultural representation of how we see and think “photographically”, through what we capture through lenses and what we see on the screens. An Image is an idea and in an infinite production-exhibition- documentation loop, we sought to ask the place of art in photography.

The rise of technical images signify a new relationship with visible.  Technical images generally aim to represent the world, but in fact they hide their real dimensions, which is none other than that of being an image. Digitalization creates the illusion that there is no longer any difference between original and copy, but we forget the face that there is no copy without an original.

Posted by HH, 20. Jan 2019
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