Anastasia Usatova ist am 28. Juli 1988 in Taschkent, Usbekistan geboren. Aus der Familie, in der Kunst und Kreativität sehr geschätzt wird. Seit Kindheit kannte sie mir ein Leben ohne Design, Malerei, Musik, Poesie und kreative Prozesse nicht vorstellen. Dieser Einfluss hat ihre Berufswahl ausgemacht, so dass sie 2006 nach Moskau gegangen bin um Grafikdesign zu studieren. Seit 2012 ist sie diplomierte Grafikdesignerin (Stroganov Moskauer Staatliche Akademie für Kunst und Industrie) und arbeitet mit Kunden aus verschiedenen Bereichen wie Theater, Musik, Tanz, und Mode in Moskau. In ihrem beruflichen Werdegang hat sie festgestellt, dass Grafikdesignkunst grenzenlos von der Leinwand in den Medienraum übergeht. Jetzt ist sie in Berlin lebende Künstlerin und Grafikdesignerin, die in den Bereichen Grafik, Fotografie, Film und Medien tätig ist, spezialisiert auf Logos und Corporate Identity, Social Poster und Illustrationen für Bücher.

Destillat: Choosing “Magic”

The choosing “Magic” as the overall term to define one of the proposal, sounds, mind like a foolish idea. Important elements of “Magic” perhaps to other word in such evocative form. Magic is a silent shadow of the cultural form, philosophy and own understanding.

The magic happens when an artist creation uses technology in a way that it removes tech from tech. The relationship between art und magic is a relationship of complete opposites. Magie bring back some of the strangeness and mystery chaotic potential, that the culture has lost along the time. Mysticism is upon us: it begins simultaneously from culture and science.

The system of the world is the beginning of the phantasmagoria of the epoch, imagination, culture and traditions. The results was phantasmagoric, understood ecologically or topographically rather than as something spectral.

We  can understand  the magic of reality, on the basis of our definition of our mind, which is opened and framed by the existence and  the essence.

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Destillat: Queering behind the paradigm

The ideas of queering behind the paradigm of situated aesthetics were developed through of public performances. Whether creativity and aesthetic valuation are specific cases of the generic need of the brain to explore its environment and assess the quality of perception and action relative to its survival. 

An isolated und limited of brain, of the mind is sufficient to realise and sustain aesthetic experience.

The “bacteria” of queering is the sculpture of ease-while grounding of politics smell und touch and their impact on understanding to each other.
Lose their ability to project ego into a singular event. (S . 220-221 More than Real. Art in the Digital Age 2018 Verbier Art Summit. Edited by Daniel Birnbaum. Michelle Kuo)

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Cultural Heritage

As scholars, historians, and archaeologists continue to discover, explore, and expand access to tangible and intangible cultural heritage, more and more problems arise that permeate conservation efforts.
Preservation of cultural heritage is not one of the topics that received much attention in the past century. However, the goal is to isolate and expand conservation research.

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