I am Anisha a cis woman of colour from the UK, studying Art in Context at the UdK and working within the intersection of art, education and activism. I specialise in feminist body practice, currently focussing on empowerment workshops and collaborative video pieces. My primary project is FemmeFitness, a feminist dance workout class, that brings together virtual platforms and physical body practice in safe(r) spaces. My fields of research are grounded by intersectional feminist and queer theory, and their often precarious relationship to art. I am keen to continue to apply socio-political theories through embodied knowledge and (more) accessible discourses.

Zitat: Exotic Trade

‘In the show, Rezaire draws parallels between the layout of submarine optic cables (the very architecture of the Internet) and colonial trade routes to point to the powerful symbolism underpinning ‘electronic colonialism’ whereby the Internet has literally been built on routes of Black pain’.


Posted by Anisha, 19. Jan 2019
Kultur Digitalisation Internet Culture Kolonialismus Künstler_in Power Symbolism Tabita Rezaire