Zitat: Visual Digital Culture

„In a period of barely twenty years, digital techniques have left the research laboratories and integrated with established means of production and exhibition. With the emergence of the computer, entirely new ways of making images, together with
ways of assisting and augmenting established methods and techniques have
become commonplace within contemporary forms of visual cultural production.“

“Clearly a new aesthetic space has opened up within contemporary culture, one which owes its existence to digital technology. It is important to stress, however, that this debt is by no means absolute. The computer is vital to understanding the make-up of the forms whose development we have just sketched, yet it is not the only agency explaining what they are and how they have come to be that way. The computer has not shaped the aesthetic character of these forms all by itself, as – taken on its own – an account such as the one above
might be mistaken for suggesting.”

Andrew Darley, Visual Digital Culture (2000)

Posted by MB, 19. Jan 2019
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